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Who are we?

Виктор Емануилов

Victor Emanouilov

Managing owner

In my freelance practice over the last 16 years I have participated in the creation of software products at all levels - from basic development to managing large-scale international projects. I like keeping up with technological advancements and seeing their practical application in actual business projects and ideas.

Иван Василев

Ivan Vasilev

Managing owner

I launched my first business 16 years ago and have started a number of projects in the field of services since then. My passion is people - I love helping them reach their full potential and I am happiest when they use this potential to bring real benefit to our customers.

At the beginning of 2016 our paths crossed in the development of a unique ERP system. In time we discovered that our skills match up conveniently and we share a lot of values. Soon we decided to create Smartwary Ltd with the aim of offering a smarter approach to software solutions.

How do we go about our work?

  • We achieve high quality through paying attention to every single detail.
  • We stick to our promises, including deadlines.
  • We emulate the best practices to ensure maximum security.
  • We maintain open, honest and instant communication.
  • We are easy to work with because we put our hearts in our work.
  • Analysis

    We make an effort to understand the client’s needs and the nature of their business. We strive to think before we act.

  • Development

    We use the latest solutions for a reliable programming code, good graphics and the most user-friendly interface.

  • Connection

    We set up separate planning boards, where we walk the customer through all steps in the creation of the software product.

  • Involvement

    We ask questions, send reminders, suggest optimization and never stop seeking feedback.

  • Model

    We apply our own innovative business model, keeping all team members motivated and 100 % dedicated to their assigned tasks.

What do we offer?

Development and design of software systems


In-depth market analysis and evaluation of possible technological solutions.


Programming, testing and implementation of web/cloud/mobile applications.


Original graphic and web design, logo design and brand identity.


Our own hosting or assistance in choosing, setting and follow-up support.


Regular updates, quick problem solving and solid protection against attacks.


Reasonable optimization, quality selection of keywords and content.

What are we good at?

  • PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Zend Framework
  • Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Rubygems, RVM
  • OOP, Design patterns, custom algorithms
  • RDBMS, SQL, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, database optimization, replication
  • HTML5, CSS, SASS, LESS, Bootstrap
  • Javascript/ECMAscript, JQuery, Angular, React, front-end
  • Node.js, asynchronous communication, websockets
  • Browser compatibility, Responsive design
  • API design and architecture
  • Payment industry API usage: Stripe,, PayPal, Braintree, Spreedly,
  • AWS infrastructure: S3, EC2, Cloudfront, RDS, Load balancers
  • Linux server administration: Ubuntu, Fedora/CentOS, Amazon AMI, Gentoo
  • Apache2/Nginx configration and maintenance
  • Security, iptables/firewalls, IDS, log files monitoring
  • Elasticsearch setup, administration and integration
  • GIT, SVN, Github, Bitbucket, Sourceforge
  • Python, NLTK, Wordnet
  • Java, Android app development
  • Swift, Objective-C, IOS app development
  • C/C++ programming
  • 3rd party service integrations: NewRelic, Cloudflare,, Google Analytics, Google Maps and many more
  • Unit testing, Integration testing, Automation testing

Successful projects

Over the years we have worked on a lot of various projects. Many of them are still in operation today and continue helping people in their jobs. Here are some of them:


A web-based Laravel system aimed at facilitating the planning, delivery and control in a marketing business for delivering leaflets. It includes a cartographic component for marking city regions, number of leaflets by region, assigning couriers to regions, choice of regions by a client in a campaign, automatic tracking of delivery status by regions, printing of maps with additional information on them. We developed a special mobile application through which the couriers can text or email region status changes in real time.

Technologies used

  • PHP, Laravel, HTML5, Javascript
  • MySQL, SQL, reports
  • System administration, VPS hosting, GIT
  • Linux, Apache2
  • Google Maps API, OpenStreetMaps
  • Аndroid app, SMS-to-API, Mailgun, Email-to-API


  • Category: Marketing
  • Status: Complete
  • Client: BG Plakat Ltd
  • Period: January 2016 - now
  • Website:

"We were highly impressed with the professionalism, punctuality and speed of work of the Smartwary team. We recognize them as a partner, whom we hope to be able to rely on in the future as well."

Dian Dimitrov
National coordinator for BG Plakat


An accounting software web application based on Symfony and supporting all accounting activities as per Bulgarian legislation. It contains modules for double-entry accounting, nomenclature and chart of accounts, customized reports, annual financial statements, VAT declarations and logs, invoicing, fixed assets and depreciation. Besides programming, we support the application with our own hosting, configuration, optimization for hundreds of simultaneous users and gigabytes of data, indexing and search, a complicated backup and recovery mechanism.

Technologies used

  • PHP, Symfony
  • MySQL, SQL, database optimization
  • System administration, hosting, GIT
  • Javascript, Coffeescript
  • Linux, apache


Vast Learning Systems

Long-standing support and development of a PHP-based web application in the field of education - defining models for problem solving, competitions, ranking and critical thinking assessment in various environments ranging from secondary education to corporate. We support the application from PHP4 to our own backend, API, frontend and mobile applications, cloud hosting and administration, linguistic models for evaluation with Python and a set of other challenges.

Technologies used

  • PHP, HTML5, Javascript
  • MySQL, SQL, database optimization
  • System administration, AWS cloud hosting, GIT
  • Python, NLTK, Wordnet, custom algorithms
  • Node.js, client-server apps, API
  • Linux, nginx, php-fpm


Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

Participating in the development of an open source system - a PHP-based web platform with an extremely varied range of functions. The main activities on the project include optimization, tracker refactoring and addition, calculations, notifications, indexing and search, security measures, assistance for administrators and bug fixing.

Technologies used

  • PHP, HTML5, Javascript
  • MySQL, SQL
  • Composer, Satis, package repository
  • OOP, Design patterns, code review
  • Open-source, International collaboration, Mailing lists
  • SVN, Sourceforge


  • Category: Wiki/Web
  • Status: Active
  • Client: Mark Laporte
  • Period: August 2016 - now
  • Website:


Andon Andonov

Andon Andonov

Front-end developer
Ivan Videv

Ivan Videv

System administrator, Developer
Mila Ruseva

Mila Ruseva

Back-end developer
Milen Matev

Milen Matev

Back-end developer
Nikolai Nikolov

Nikolai Nikolov

Full-stack developer

How can you contact us?

23 Dospat str
Sofia 1463, Bulgaria
+359 896 899 442
+359 898 640 054